Joyful Noise Broadcast

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Thank you for visiting our church website. Today’s world has so much to offer through the internet. It is great to know that God’s people have a voice worldwide in sharing the great message of God’s love and grace. 

Our pastor, Bishop Johnnie L. Woods, Jr.  and first lady Mother Yolanda Woods have been blessed to be our leaders for 32 years. Their desire, as well as the congregation’s desire, is to make our ministry available to all people. Our motto for this year is “Meeting the Needs of the Total Man.” It is good to know that church ministry reaches beyond the sanctuary and into our daily lives. If your life is in need of some spiritual direction, God has provided that on today. Our ministry includes family-oriented activities. The young as well as the old are welcome to God’s house. Our edifice is not just for the present congregation, but it is open to all of God’s people. Our pastor and congregation believe and express that, "Everybody is somebody, and Jesus is Lord of all!" Enjoy this website and may the Lord God bless you real good!