It was in 1930 that the AOH Church of God, Inc., governing body bestowed rights upon a mission located in Sylacauga, AL to become a church. The church was called the AOH Church of God. From 1930 to 1950 the church was led by several leaders: Reverend Germany, Elder Rodney, Elder Thomkins, Elder J. Jones, and Elder Greathouse.

It was during the leadership of Elder Greathouse in 1952 that Elder Raymond and Sister Lorean Smith became a part of the AOH Church of God.  After serving under Elder Greathouse for seven years; Elder Raymond Smith became the Pastor.  The church suffered great damage from a fire in 1958 and was in need of much repair.  Under the leadership of Elder Raymond Smith in 1959, he and his few members decided that they would rebuild. The Lord put it on Elder Smith’s heart to name the church Joyful Noise AOH Church of God.  Elder and Sister Smith served at Joyful Noise for approximately 30 years.

In the early 1980s, Joyful Noise was blessed to have Overseer Jewel Thomas and Elder Jessie Wilson as their leaders.

It was 1985 when God gave Bishop Jasper Roby the insight to appoint Elder Johnnie L. Woods, Jr. as shepherd of the flock.  Under the spiritual, anointed leadership of Elder Johnnie Woods, he has a passion for the church and compassion for the saints. The church family has experienced financial as well as spiritual elevation under his leadership.  Every year from 1985 to the present time, the church has experienced and is still experiencing more of God’s blessings.

These blessings included: A land lot on Poplar Street, several acres of undeveloped land, Outreach ministry through radio communication, and Joyful Noise became an Adjunct Facility for Friends International Bible Institute.

When future generations go by and see the block building on Poplar Street, they may ask was this building a church?  Then those who know the story can tell them this:  God gave Bishop Johnnie L. Woods, Jr. a vision: Build “God” a house.  Through much prayer and fasting, Bishop Woods shared the vision with the church at God’s appointed time. 

The Joyful Noise motto is “The best is yet to come”.  This motto was initiated at the Poplar Street building and continues today.  But there has been added another goal for the church.  This goal is operating under the “Spirit of Excellence.” With this goal and motto in mind, our Pastor continues to avail himself to not only Spiritual Knowledge but also Secular Education to nourish the saints and community.  He has received his doctorate of ministry in 2005.  Pastor Woods encourages us to receive an education as we serve the God of our salvation.  The Joyful Noise ministry has expanded ministry through the Caring and Sharing Women Ministry, Women Conferences, and a media ministry.  We made it through another year, with souls added to the kingdom as it was when the church was instituted over 2,000 years ago.  As the storms come upon us, we are surviving by lifting up a standard and continuing the Apostolic Doctrine. 

With determination and unwavering faith, Bishop Woods and the Joyful Noise AOH Church Family built God this house in 2005 located at 955 Hammett Avenue, Sylacauga AL, 35150.  We praise God for this blessing and look forward to what God is going to do in the future.